Valentine's Day Gifts You Aren't Expecting- But Can Actually Use!

I'm not sure about your feelings on Valentines Day, but I am definitely not a fan of the flowers and chocolates route. Receiving any gift is always wonderful, but I feel bad when the box of chocolates is gone (often in one sitting) and the dried up stems of the once vibrant & fragrant bouquet are being tossed into the trash.

So if you are also like me and prefer something non traditional, then here are some great ideas to give (or receive) as gifts for Valentine's Day and use again and again!

Frozen Margarita Maker

I think you could probably use this in tandem with the charcuterie board as well, but who doesn't want a frozen marg with the convenience of being able to make it at home?! Plan yourself a date night for Valentines Day and create new or your favourite margarita recipes to share.

Frozen Yogurt Maker

While we are on the topic of frozen, how about a frozen yogurt maker? Plan yourself a cozy dinner and a movie night in. Finish off with homemade frozen yogurt for dessert! It's something that can be used year round and bonus points if you have kids, they will enjoy it too!

Charcuterie Board

Maybe this one isn't as unexpected as the other options, but it is something that can be used for many date nights, movie nights or events! You can easily plan an entire romantic Valentines evening with it all from the comfort of your own home. Maybe it's the millennial in me, but I think it is also a great piece of serving ware to own, especially if you like to host your friends and family often!

Towel Warmer

This right here is the key to my heart. I think a towel warmer is the equivalent of receiving a warm and inviting hug! It's also a luxury that someone probably wouldn't consider buying for themselves. With the amount we shower in a week, there are never ending opportunities to utilize it. Thoughtful, practical and luxurious!

If the wheels are turning and you think these might be a great option, you can click the button below to be redirected to LTK where I have linked all of these options for you!

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