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Transitioning from Skinny Jeans to Straight Leg Jeans

As a millennial (which means I own exclusively skinny jeans) I was unsure about the changing denim trends! Well, now that the trends are going towards straight leg denim I needed to get myself some new jeans.

I stopped at Old Navy specifically to shop for my toddler, but I ended up finding some amazing jeans for myself! I usually find it hard to find jeans that fit well, so I was shocked that I managed to find not one, but two pairs.

These are the two styles I bought from Old Navy's High Waisted Straight Leg Denim collection. I wanted a lighter wash for more casual outfits and a darker wash to dress up.

This is an easy way to style light wash denim in the fall! You can use the same formula: Tshirt, Jacket, light wash denim + boots and substitute for different colors, textures and patterns.

Pair the dark wash denim with all black and it is perfect for an evening out or a more formal event!

What types of denim are you loving for fall? Let me know in the comments!

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