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The Importance of Having Basics in Your Closet

Updated: May 5, 2020

I've always been drawn to loud, bold prints that are difficult to style more than one way. Eventually I accumulated a large quantity of dresses that didn't transition through the seasons. Enter: the importance of owning basics. They transition through the seasons, they never go out of style and they can be worn a multitude of different ways.

One of the best places to shop for affordable basics, is Boohoo. I love that they have extended sizes, and always have a variety of basics options. Here are some of the pieces from my most recent order:

I was looking for items in neutral colors; black, beige, white. These colors can be combined with bold prints or loud colors or layered with each other. (Though I did also get a leopard print maxi kimono which is not pictured here)

When deciding what items to purchase, I thought about what outfits I wanted to style and how they would need to transition through the seasons. When you live in Canada, it's important that you are able to layer! I had three categories: Tops/Bodysuits, Bottoms, Cardigans/Kimonos.


I found three bodysuits that I absolutely loved! Two fitted short sleeved bodysuits in black and beige and one slouchy bodysuit in white. These can easily be dressed up or dressed down. They go with absolutely everything! Finally, I also decided that I should add a white graphic T-shirt into the mix. I've been loving how fashion influencers and bloggers style them in so many different ways. Who knew something so simple could be so effective?


I actually only ordered two bottoms; a black silk midi skirt and black joggers. However, these are going to be two of the most worn items in my closet. Skirts can be worn with sneakers for a casual day look or dressed up with heels for the evening. I was most excited about my joggers! I love styling sweatpants to make them look chic. They are a slim fit so they look put together and stylish instead of frumpy.


I did not get a cardigan, but rather three (including my leopard print one) kimonos. All three were maxis as I feel that they elongate my body and make me appear taller than my 5'7 frame. One was in beige, one in black and one in leopard print. They are very lightweight so I am going to be able to wear them throughout the warmer months whereas some of my beloved cardigans are just too warm for the summer months.

Having a good selection of basics is going to help you make better use of your closet. It is also easier to build a chic, monochromatic look with neutral colors vs bright and bold ones. (Hot blogger tip: your outfit will look more "expensive" if you layer with the same color palettes)

You can see how I styled some of these items for work on my Instagram page. Stay tuned for some styling videos, where I will show you multiple ways to wear one item.


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