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Taking Jeans from Day to Night

I have always been a denim enthusiast. Everything from jeggings to true denim, I love them all! We all enjoy wearing denim during the day, but taking your denim to something stylish for the evening can be a fun change. Here are some of the tips I try to implement when taking my pair of denim from daytime to nighttime.

Mix colors/patterns for a more casual look, but stick to one color palette and add layers to look more polished and put together. Here is the same pair of denim, two different looks:

Look #1

For daytime, pair your denim with an over sized graphic T-shirt of your choice (Black or white usually looks more modern and timeless vs. a colored T-shirt), a casual sandal and a belt bag to keep the look functional for daytime. I also front tuck my shirts to define my waist and give it a more polished look.

Look #2

For a chic night time look, go for an all black outfit and pair it with either gold or silver accessories. Sticking to one color palette makes the outfit look more expensive and put together. An easy way to layer your outfit for the evening, is to start with a simple bodysuit and add a blazer over top.

Hot Denim Tips...

- Opting for a high rise vs a low rise will elongate your legs and define the smallest part of your waist.

- Lighter wash denim appears more casual while darker wash denim dresses up easily.

- You should own at least one pair of dark wash denim, light wash denim and a pair of black denim. These three options will create numerous different outfits when paired with other items in your closet.

- Jeggings don't look as put together as a stiffer, true denim. You should own at least one pair of each.

- Have at least one pair of denim that do not have rips or fraying. They can be dressed up as business casual for work.

What are your favourite denim tips? Let me know in the comments!

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