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Spring Styles Currently in my Shopping Cart from Boohoo

It was +14°C here today and I am officially ready for spring! I've been scrolling through Pinterest for outfit ideas and looking at some of my favorite online stores to see what their new spring arrivals look like. Today I'm going to feature some of the items I have in my shopping cart with Boohoo.

Okay first off, these are the Pantone colors for Spring/Summer 2021. Whether you are familiar with Pantone colors or not, they influence everything we see in retail stores! I am particularly drawn to cerulean, rust, green ash, burnt coral and buttercream.

Here are some of the more dressed up items in my cart I envision wearing to work:

For context, my fulltime job is at a bridal store. These are all pieces I can see myself wearing at work during the spring and summer. When choosing dresses, I typically like midi length or longer as I don't have to worry when bending over to fix the hems of clients dresses.

I also enjoy the monochromatic power suit look. I think it looks professional and sexy at the same time! You can also wear both the pants and jacket with other pieces already in your closet to create additional outfits.

Jumpsuits are also equally practical and chic to wear to my job. I find that they give me the option to look dressed up or I can pair them with a denim Jacket when I want to feel a bit more casual.

Midi skirts are extremely versatile. I can wear them with sneakers and a T-shirt to look casual or with wedges and a bodysuit to look polished and sophisticated. I've been noticing a lot of smaller floral prints this season and I loved the color combination in the skirt!

I also added some items that are casual and great for everyday wear. I've been wanting a shacket and I love the shades of green in this one. I see it as being a fun layering piece!

I love lightweat sweaters. When you work indoors, sometimes the air-conditioning gets quite chilly! These sweaters work great to keep you warm at the office without overheating.

I've been eyeing up this boyfriend blazer for a while. Having one dark color and one light colored blazer will give you so many more outfit variations!

Which of these pieces would you add to your cart? Let me know what spring trends you are loving in the comments!

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