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Halo Hair Extensions

I’ve been wearing extensions full time for the past 7 years. I severely damaged my hair with bleach and heat styling so I ended up at a point where I needed extensions just to have hair. Fast forward to 2020, and I have finally got my natural hair to a level of health and length that I am happy with!

I also decided that I wanted to stop wearing my tape in extensions full time and opt for a temporary extension that I can wear when I feel like having longer hair! I’ve had clip ins before but I found that they were harder to hide and tended to slip around in my fine hair.

Enter: Halo Extensions

It takes me less than five minutes to apply and I only have to touch up the curls a little bit with an iron to blend it into my natural hair.

It has a tiny, clear wire that goes across the top of your head and then a panel of hair from ear to ear. This will sit underneath your natural hair. You just section the crown out, apply the halo and drop your hair over top! For added security there are two clips in the back to hold everything in place.

How wild is the transformation?! Stays put all day, is super comfortable and looks pretty darn natural!

The Process...

I color my natural hair red, so I ordered the halo extension in a shade close to my natural blonde and then applied the same Demi permanent formula to the extensions to get a perfect match. I did not do any cutting or blending like I would usually do with tape ins. Side note: I’m a professional stylist, so I don’t recommend that you color/cut your extensions at home. Take them to your stylist!

How to install...

The halo comes with 5 different clear sizing bands. I use the smallest one, so I guess I have a small head! They attach to each side of the halo.

You want to section out a horse shoe shape on the top of your head and tie this hair out of the way. This will sit over top of the halo to hide it. Then leave out two sections of hair on your part line, this also helps to hide the extension from the front!

Set your halo over top, placing the clear band along the part line of your horse shoe section. Attach the clips to your hair for added security and then let down the hair you clipped out of the way. Wiggle your brush around the clear wire to help pull out the hair stuck under the band to hide it. give your entire head a good brush through to blend your hair and the extensions and then style as desired!

Have you tried halo extensions yet? Let me know in the comments!

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