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Building New Habits

I am desperately trying to build better habits for myself; financially, health-wise, relationship wise and personally. It is so easy to fall into bad habits just because they are convenient or easy. Will power isn't always easy to come by, so I am trying to initiate a new way of thinking and ways to keep me accountable.

No more ordering skipthedishes or meals from Tim Horton's

I am (I wont say I was, because I caved today and went to Tim Horton's) really bad, or good rather at spending copious amounts of money eating fast food. I get lazy at night and in the mornings which doesn't leave me enough time to pack a lunch that will sustain me throughout the busy work day. It is so easy to listen to your stomach growl and just order your favorite meal from a nice restaurant on skipthedishes without even pulling out your wallet. (Saving my CC info is just so convenient- and lazy) I have decided starting August, that I will be packing a lunch for the remainder of the year and avoiding buying unnecessary drinks like iced caps from Tim Horton's on the daily. $5 or even $10 a day 5 days/week adds up quickly over the course of a year. There are so many other things I would rather save that money to put towards!

Spend more time working on building my blog & brand

I took the leap and purchased my own domain this year. I'm so guilty of starting drafts for my blog and then getting consumed by other areas in my life and not finishing them for months. I want/need to be more consistent with my posts and content, because my goal is to grow my website and brand! Nothing in the social media sphere comes easily, you need to invest a lot of hours and time into creating brand awareness and reaching your target audience.

Using my day planner to stay organized

I started off this year so well using my day planner to stay on top of things and then I would get busy and let it slip away. I would find myself forgetting things and always feeling a step behind. Another August commitment is to get back on track using my planner daily to stay organized both for work and personal endeavors.

Drinking enough water

I am meticulously following a good skincare routine, but what good is that if I am drinking caffeine all day and forgetting to stay hydrated? Your skin needs to be healthy form the inside out. This takes so much willpower for me because I genuinely forget to drink water throughout the day!

Making the effort to schedule family time in

I am usually good at following a work schedule, but I don't manage my personal time well. I want to be better at ensuring I have a work-life balance and don't miss out on spending quality family time. Even if that means 6pm-8pm every night is dedicated to Chloe during the week, I need to make sure I have that time.

Consistently saving money

I am making a commitment to keep unnecessary spending to a minimum and in turn ensure that I am contributing to a savings account each month. It takes a lot of discipline to say, "no I don't really need this" and instead plan towards a better future. Who else struggles with trying not to live right in the moment without thinking about how if will affect your future?

Spending more time reading

I thoroughly enjoy reading, But I rarely make time for it. I somehow manage to spend hours on my phone, but can't find time to read each day? I want to expand on the titles I read to keep my mind open to possibility. There is so much great information out there if we are only willing to take the time to read about it. Instead of scrolling Instagram before bed, I need to use that time to read something new.

What personal commitments/ habits have you made recently?

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