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6 Things I Wish I Would Have Known When I Was Twenty

I've been having some realizations lately, about things that I can't believe I didn't know when I was younger. Of course we learn and grow from having experiences - both negative and positive but sometimes you just have to shake your head incredulously at how often you overlooked things that have now made such a difference in your life. No one said growth would be easy right?

Skincare > Makeup

Seriously though, when I was younger I spent hundreds of dollars on expensive makeup that I wore on a daily basis. However my skincare routine was less than ideal at best and non existent at worst. Between the ages of 18-20 I was often out drinking on the weekends, working out excessively and just not taking proper care of my skin. (Wearing last nights makeup to work the next morning - cringe) But I just couldn't understand why I was always breaking out, my skin was dry, I always had blackheads/whiteheads and you could see my pores.

Now that I am older and I would like to believe wiser, I took the plunge into trying out different skincare products until I found a regime that I could consistently keep up with. (Consistency is key.) I would always be too tired or lazy to follow my routine at night before bed. Now it is an absolute must that I will do every single evening. And let me tell you, it has absolutely changed my skin.

I rarely have acne, my skin is bright, soft and more even in both texture and tone. The fine lines that were starting to appear around my eyes and on my forehead have lessened and I do not need an entire face of makeup every day to feel confident. Truly wished I would have prioritized skincare earlier, but it is never too late to change a bad habit! Cheers to years to come with healthier skin!

Tardiness Holds You Back in Your Career and Personal Life

The people I currently work with can attest that I am always super early to work. 15 minutes early is late for me. But this was not always the case. I started a job with a leading Canadian financial institution when I was 18 and fresh out of high school. I was always just on time or late to work. Looking back, I am truly embarrassed that I was okay with the image I created for myself. If I was called out on it, I always had an excuse. I forgot gas, traffic was heavy - the usual. But how can you possibly have a positive and productive day at work if you are already starting out on the wrong foot?

Now I pride myself on being an hour early most of the time. I get things set up before the doors open, follow up on my emails, social media plan for the different accounts I manage. Every day that I continue holding myself to the standard of always being earlier, the more I grow as an employee and professional.

Now when it comes to being tardy in my personal life, well I was always that friend that everyone else told to arrive one hour earlier than the rest of the group. I procrastinated getting ready for pretty much everything and then had to make the walk of shame late to an event or for plans we had made. Making a 180 degree change has allowed me to be more present with friends and they never hesitate to invite me out. Don't let yourself be that friend for the rest of your life.

Clean Your House

Maybe one of the more embarrassing realizations, however I think a lot of younger people tend to overlook the importance of cleaning your house. My first apartment was a disaster most of the time. I despised cleaning, doing dishes and laundry. But how can you possibly feel comfortable and relax at home if it is constantly in a state of mess?

Now I take pride in always having a sparkling, clean bathroom, organized closet (I even color code my clothes in how they are hung up), dishes are a daily must and laundry gets done before all the clothes are dirty. Coming home to a clean house helps me feel less anxious and unwind from the day. It also allows me to start adding home décor and creating a warm and inviting environment where I could actually entertain guests.

Remember Birthday's and Anniversaries

I would constantly forget birthdays and anniversaries and I think that is so rude and disrespectful. I realized that I couldn't remember everything by heart so now every notable event or date is always recorded in my day planner and phone calendar. I haven't missed anyone's special day in years.

Trends Eventually Die

Of course I had to share one of the most important fashion faux paus I learned the hard way; trends always die. I spent so much money on clothes that were out of style within a year. I was always having to buy more and more because I hated what was in my closet. Invest in clothing that is always in style and then add a few trendy pieces per season that are inexpensive and versatile. Trust me, this will be a game changer.

Take Care of Your Nails

I always had the most awful looking nails and cuticles. One of the ways I would release my anxiety was by picking my nails. It was so bad that I wouldn't even notice I was doing it until I made my fingers bleed. My hands always looked bad in photos and people do notice your hands, especially if you tend to talk with them. (Which I do all of the time) I actually found that keeping my nails painted helped me to grow them out. These last few months I was actually able to maintain a length on them that looked like I was wearing fake nails! I was so proud of that small step towards overcoming a coping mechanism of my anxiety. Of course, I still revert back every now and then when I am feeling overwhelmed by stress, but most of the time I leave my nails and cuticles alone!

Also side note, if you wear open toed shoes or sandals often, keep your toe nails painted! It really does make you appear so much more professional and well kept.

What are some things that you wished you would have known when you were twenty? Tell me in the comments!

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